Vertexperts Consulting LLP is a Bangalore, India based business consulting partnership that provides Seed /  Angel funding & Business incubation services. We nurture small businesses by providing management and strategic business support with the necessary level of initial funding. We are focused on companies either in the startup mode or in early stages of operations.
Vertexperts’ goal is to bring valuable ideas to market with the help of proven expertise and experience in vertical markets. While we provide the seed funding from internal sources, our goal is to get smaller companies with excellent ideas and execution skills to the level where they are able to attract later stage investors or even M&A opportunities.

Vertexperts’ bouquet of services includes (but is not limited to)
* Idea Stage Investment (typically < US$ 50000)
* Seed / Angel Investment (between 50-100 K US$)
* Incubation services
* Team building and complementary skills deployment
* Strategic sourcing (inclusive of IT)
* IP options and Commercial assessment of IP
* Market analysis and go-to-market strategies
* Appropriate business introductions