Our investment and entrepreneurial model is based a simple model : We should be solving problems for the future. Just as any other investor, our primary focus is on the quality of the founding team.

In India, for the consumer side, our mantra is that AFFORDABILITY is no longer the key growth factor across the country – AVAILABILITY is. What this means is that we ensure that scale can be built into the model very early in the cycle.

The performance of our investee companies in Tier 2 & 3 cities across the country not only validate this thesis, but, also support our ambitions of scale.

ACTIVE PARTICIPATION : Our thesis stems from the fact that we are active on our investments. We meet customers, we sit through strategy decisions, we even help on the ground.

Theme reasoning

  • Where the market is currently highly fragmented or inefficient. This is esp. true in Tier 2 / 3 cities across India – where online not just brings in efficiency, but, also bridges the “aspiration” <-> “availability” gap. I usually limit to 1 active / half year. Marginally active involvement in products with services (IT), where there is an efficiency being built in smaller team structure that can roll up either as IP for acquisition / M&A
  • Youth / Education (supplementary / complementary) : The idea is not to be directly involved in the regulated educational sector, but, into adjunct areas.  Eg. ScienceAdda & Squareplum
  • Aspirational growth market moving into consumerism : IndianMoney, GoCoop
  • Problems of growth : Agri business and Blockchain enablement : All India Agro
  • Marginally active (and some passive esp. IAN ones)
   – IP led  (Security / Healthcare) : Consure, Vayavya, Orangescape, Unbxd
  • IT with an eye towards consolidation exit : GreencubeGlobal, Adsparx & Uniphore.